Angelhack DC was an amazing success! 150 attendees participated with 40 teams formed. Each team put in their sweat, blood, and tears into this - whether it’s for the glory, the money, the dream - we know one thing: we all had a TON OF FUN.

A BIG THANK YOU to Microsoft, Brightcontext, Singly, all our judges, volunteers, and most all - all the hackers that came from far and wide - this could not have been possible without you. 

Congratulations to our winners —-

List of Winners and their prizes:

  • Moving Food: Honor Mention for a Great Idea
  • Angel Hack-O-Meter: Four shaft aircraft drone with HD camera presented by BrightContext
  • Statsense: Nokia Lumia presented by Microsoft
  • VocabOwl: Briefcase of case presented by Singly 

Grand Prize Winners of AngelHack DC  and going to Silicon Valley: 

  • Statsense
  • Tuee

Event snapshots are below!

Anton, Angelhack DC Organizer with Sabeen from Angelhack 

Thanks for all our judges



Singly Prize Winner: VocabOwl

Brightcove Prize Winner: Angel Hack-O-Meter

Last but not least, to our awesome volunteers. We appreciate your hard work and time!! 

This is the first Angelhack in Washington DC. And thanks to you, it was a huge success. We wish all who participated the best of luck in your future endeavors. We all look forward to the next hackathon DC  - in the meantime - keep on hackin!!!!


Submissions are in and the pitching begins. 

Judges viewing demos before the pitch:

List of teams: 

Teams and Judges gather to hear pitches:


Teams are working hard to make the 1p deadline. Have to get a demo and pitch ready. 

On the line is 8 weeks of mentorship and be flown into Silicon Valley for a weekend of events including a Global Demo Day to A-list investors and media, Site visits to, Google, Facebook, Google Ventures, VIP dinners, and ragging parties with the Valley startup community. 

Not sure what’s going on inside. But whatever motivates! 


Pizza and sodas kept our hackers going through the night…


Microsoft has an amazing program for startups: BizSpark

Microsoft® BizSpark® is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure, a flexible, comprehensive, and powerful cloud platform for the creation of web applications and services. In addition, BizSpark offers technical support, business training and a network of over 2,000 partners to connect members with incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters. Since it was established in 2008, more than 45,000 companies in over 100 countries have joined BizSpark.

For more information visit: http://aka.ms/aj-bz

Contact Ashish Jaiman

Email: ashishja@microsoft.com

Twitter: @ashishjaiman


Team Code Bounty

Team Zen Index

Team HackMovement

Team Ascot


AngelHack kicks off Saturday morning in the Microsoft offices in Chevy Chase MD! A crowd of 147 people are in attendance and they are ready to HACK! 

Opening Meeting: 

Anton presenting to the group:

A big thanks to MICROSOFT for letting us use the building and providing support to help make this happen. Ashish is the Director of StartUp strategy at Microsoft. 

More images..


It’s no small feat getting ready for AngelHack D.C. 300+ people signed up for a 36 hour hackathon so there will be very hungry mouths and a high demand for caffeine. 

Anton and Brian Park preps by taking a trip to the local Costco. They load up the basics for a hack-survival: chips, candy, water, caffeinated sodas, and of course beer.


Angelhack Washington D.C. Saturday Nov 18 - we are ready. 


How to Win a Hackathon

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For 30 straight hours this weekend, my co-founder, Matt, and I competed in AngelHack (the biggest hackathon in the nation) for $75,000 in prizes, and the potential for recognition of our startup, Rummage.

The product we built, SnapStore.me, placed first on the West Coast, and second…

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